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In any case anything I think it was a good gain. As you begin to lose weight hepcidin levels should come down, you reduce inflammation the iron in your diet will work better. It was at 5 last year it only came up to 11.

If you have little iron in your diet, you should take a high- quality iron supplement. An iron infusion is one of the possible treatments for iron deficiency anemia. However for my infusions ( which occur 3- 4 times per year) my doctor has me come once a week for about 2 hours for 5- 6 weeks. I also have weekly B12 shots.
This may lead to a situation where replacing iron is required in order to lose weight you may ultimately need iron infusions to replete ferritin iron stores in the body. Every 3 montsh i go into hostpital and have iron infusions. Additionally iron deficiency can make it harder for people to eat because it can cause the formation of ulcers around the mouth region make swallowing difficult.

But will my iron infusion make me gain more weight? 1, 563 Discussions. 5 when I started.

I too am allergic too almost all types of iron. My ferritin level was at 11. IV iron infusions are used to treat anemia in people with long- term kidney disease in others with anemia who have not responded to dietary changes , in people on dialysis oral iron. Iron infusion may.
Actually when i get additional iron harder , B12 i get more engery , can work out longer LOSE weight! I like iron glycinate, a true protein chelate of iron. That said iron deficiency can result in weight loss as well which can be induced by an appetite loss.

Iron infusions and weight gain. I asked my doctor if it was the infusions he said maybe since we have NO iron when we begin which decreases our blood volume muscle mass. Under no circumstances should iron be consciously avoided as it will not help you lose weight. Part of the problem with weight gain and low ferritin is that some patients are refractory to iron replacement therapy.

| Get Healthy Get Hot An iron infusion is a procedure in which iron is delivered to your body intravenously ( in an IV).

Had a good 18 months w/ out any issues in the last 18 months have been struggling with severe anemia ( low iron) , having to have venofer infusions to increase hemoglobin , ferritin levels but am hopeful we' ll get it resolved. Have them check your. Venofer and Weight Gain. Jun 17, · I' ve recently had 6 iron infusions with venifer.
Can Iron Really Help Me To Lose Weight? I have NO weight gain associated with it no excuses for not exceisiing eating right. Iron infusions and weight gain. Jun 03 · I was 147 when I started infusions now I amdepending on the day. To get my iron checked soon.
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Aug 11, · Weight Gain after IV Infusion Has anyone that has done the IV Infusion gained weight afterwards? I did 7 days of Ferrlecit ( 1 hour a day with the infusions split over 2 weekends).

unexplained weight loss Rare. Burning, dry, or itching eyes discharge or excessive tearing redness, pain, or swelling of the eye, eyelid, or inner lining of the eyelid Other side effects not listed may also occur in some patients.

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If you notice any other effects, check with your healthcare professional. Aug 29, · a person with iron deficinecy may find it harder to put on weight but this is due to them being unhealthy and their bodies not working properly. Therefore iron can help with weight gain.